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Meet GQ

Founder, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach

Born and raised in Monticello, Georgia, Quincy Standifer was introduced to fitness through sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and track. Striving to always be his best, Quincy began working out consistently at a young age. Due to the lack of gym resources in his area, Quincy had to get creative with his workouts, lifting anything heavy and running hills around the neighborhood.

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"Quincy is an awesome coach, very patient and kind. Always making time for me and my friends. Whether it's 6 people of 16, he always shows up and shows out. Words can't describe how grateful we are to have him as our coach."

Erica H.

"Quincy is one of the best coaches I've ever had! He knows me better than most people and pushes me to raise the bar on what I think I can do... and then keep going. He constantly inspires me to be better through his energy, kindness, high standards, and friendship. He is one of my favorite people and I love setting our challenges and goals and having fun going after them together!"

Kathryn R.

"Strength training with Quincy has been an absolute game-changer for me. His expertise, dedication, and encouragement has not only helped me achieve my fitness goals, but has also been so much fun. Quincy makes getting into the gym and the boxing ring a blast! He has inspired me to push beyond my limits and thanks to his personalized approach and unwavering support, I have seen great results."

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